Indicash ATM - Your friend in need

Indicash ATMs have been designed to be a friendly alternative to bank ATMs. The service offering caters to key consumer apprehensions and inconveniences like ATM cards being swallowed, short dispensation of cash, intimidating environment and user interface of ATM and privacy/ security concerns. Tata Communications Payment Solutions Limited (TCPSL) took note of these trepidations and designed it's ATM network to be a friendly alternative to bank ATMs.

Indicash – your friendly ATM

  • First five transactions per month being free* for all savings bank account holders
  • Accepts all domestic debit cards issued by banks in India. Cards issued outside India are not accepted
  • Customers of all banks in India can enjoy services like cash withdrawal, balance enquiry, mini statement and pin change
  • Cash withdrawal limited to a maximum of Rs.10,000 per cash transactions. You can undertake more transactions to withdraw more cash
  • Intuitive user interface with multilingual messaging for ease of usage for consumers in different regions
  • Dip machines to ensure that cards are not swallowed
  • Privacy screen filters, key pad shields, electronic surveillance for completely secure transactions
  • Convenient locations across Tier 1 to 6, pan India
  • Indicash ATM services extend the values of Trust, Reliability, Security and Customer Centricity
*As per the RBI norms, savings bank account holder of any bank can enjoy up to 5 free transactions (3 free from 1st November 2014 in Metro cities - Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Kolkata and Hyderabad) a month at White Label ATMs / Other Bank ATMs. These include financial and non-financial transactions.