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    Our White Label ATM Initiative - Indicash - India's first White Label ATM network

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  • Indicash® ATMs now provide the facility to connect with the audience and advertise about your products and services.

    Benefits to brand - Indicash® has launched India's first White Label ATMs network and is now is leveraging a new, unique and powerful medium to market your Brand.

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  • Indicash ATMs aims to empower millions of Indians to access their own money with ease.

    Brand Philosophy - The brand philosophy is to be the 'Dost (friend)' who is there for you when you need him the most. Indicash ATMs aims to be conveniently located at main locations right from cities to small towns and villages of the country to provide easy access of money

    Brand Color - The Indicash logo is an amalgamation of three distinct colors signifying distinct values but existing together harmoniously to create a strong visual identity.

    Your friend in need - Similar to Bank ATMs, Indicash offers services like cash withdrawals, pin change, balance enquiry and mini statement. Offers first 5 transactions in a month free* and accepts all domestic debit cards

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