Dos and Don’ts for Secure ATM transaction

Here are few tips for safe and secure transactions
  • Please collect your cash immediately from the cash slot when cash is presented, as there is no cash retraction facility at this ATM, as per RBI mandate

  • In case of any cash discrepancy or failed transaction, immediately contact the bank where your account is maintained

  • Please contact your card-issuing bank if you forgot your PIN

  • Inform your card-issuing bank immediately if you lose your card

  • Shield the ATM keypad while entering your PIN

  • Do not keep your card and PIN together

  • Do not share your card or PIN details with anyone or in response to email/ SMS requests

  • Do not write your PIN on the reverse side of the card

  • Never lend your card to others for ATM transactions

  • Do not leave your ATM transaction unattended. Step away only when the transaction is complete and the ATM returns to the 'Welcome' screen

  • Never accept assistance or offers from strangers at the ATM

  • Do not allow yourself to be distracted in any way while conducting the transaction

  • Do not dispose statements or charge slips without destroying them first